Yezabella Alvarado,

Licensed Insurance Agent 

Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Peru, Yezabella has dedicated the last 16 years to advancing in the medical and insurance sectors. Her career began as a certified nurse assistant, evolving into a skilled phlebotomist.  With a deep commitment to the both Spanish and English speaking communities she consistently provides outstanding insurance solutions. Her journey naturally took her into the  insurance realm, where she is a health insurance agent, licensed P&C customer service representative, and notary at The Insurance Hub. 

Equipped with the superhuman ability to instantly unravel complex insurance details, Yezabella ensures that every interaction is both efficient and transformative. She is eager to guide clients to the best solutions, making their experiences enjoyable and beneficial!

To schedule a free consultation with Yeza, call 941-706-1111 or email her: