Car insurance options in the state of Florida vary, depending on many variables. The Insurance Hub will help you find a policy to protect you from financial loss in a case of accident or theft.

Knowing how it works makes the difference

When choosing an auto insurance policy, there are a number of considerations such as the amount of coverage you need, the deductible, out-of-pocket expense, and the different coverages you need. Every state has its own set of laws to follow that will impact coverage. It is always important to know what happens if you are at fault. In most cases, the liability insurance will go into effect, but if you aren’t at fault, the other party’s insurance should cover unless they do not have insurance. In that case, it works a lot like vehicle insurance for uninsured motorists to provide you with coverage. Make the right choice and don’t compromise your safety. Contact our insurance company today!


The BASIC You Need to Know

Let’s point you in the right direction

There are different coverages in an auto insurance policy. You’ll find a provision for property damage or theft to your car, the liability that assists when you incur bodily injury or property damage and then there is a medical provision that may cover treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, funeral expense, and lost wages in some cases.

In most cases, the policy covers the driver and other family members listed on the policy regardless if the incident occurs with the covered vehicle or the car of someone else you have permission to drive. Depending on the state, it is mandatory so working with a team that can point you in the right direction makes sense. Call our insurance agency today!


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