The Insurance Hub provides affordable renters insurance to protect your household items and valuables. The policy also provides liability and coverage other expenses.

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If you reside in an apartment, condo, or even a dorm room, you may be required to have a renter’s insurance policy. While this may seem like an inconvenience, this protects your items in the event of a loss through fire, theft, or some other occurrence. There are a lot of provisions within this type of policy and knowing what is and isn’t covered is key. For more information on acquiring a policy, contact one of our agents now.


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Renter’s policies have three coverages:

    This replaces or repairs belongings up to the limits in the policy. Any losses over this limit will not be covered.
    This section provides for repairs if you cause damage to someone else’s property. This will also pay medical bills if found responsible for their injuries. This provides liability protection over your coverage limit.
    This is for any additional costs you may incur like hotel bills or food or a new temporary residence due to your property being damaged and uninhabitable.

Get with an agent, and we’ll find the best renter’s insurance policy for you.


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