Umbrella Insurance offers additional coverage beyond your standard insurance policy. It is designed to protect you and your dependents when you exceed your insurance coverage limits.
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You can get extra protection with an umbrella insurance policy that provides for property damage, injuries, personal liability, and even litigation. Make sure your assets are protected with extra insurance for your homeowners, boat, and auto insurance policies. There are a number of claims that can be made against these policies and knowing what your rights are and how you can benefit from coverage is key.


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With the insurance you need

While this provides coverage beyond the standard limits of your regular insurance policy, liability coverage is included for damage to property, injuries, and more. You are definitely insured beyond the standard limits. When you have bodily injury liability, it covers the damages to someone else’s body. This is the cost of medical bills or liability claims because of injuries due to at-fault auto accidents, dog bites that cause harm, or someone gets injured at your home.

An owner of a rental unit will protect the liability of their structure, not the items in the residence. Make sure you have what you need when you need it. Call today!


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