Annuities are the contracts between you and the insurance company that allow you to accumulate more wealth with guaranteed rates of return and avoid market risk. The Insurance Hub’s experienced agents will determine if this is a good option for you and will find the highest rates.

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Learn about How Annuities Empower a Fulfilling Retirement:
Unleashing the “License to Spend”


If you’re saving or approaching retirement, annuities are a great way to get your finances in order while providing asset protection. There are different types of annuities, each with unique features to aid in reaching your financial goals.

What exactly are annuities?

These are insurance contracts that make ongoing payments to you now or in the future depending on how you have them set up. They are designed to give you guaranteed income or can protect your retirement savings. For most individuals, annuities provide three things:

  • Payments for a specific duration of time.
    These payments can occur over the span of your life or a designated person.
  • Death Benefits.
    If you transition prior to receiving payments from the annuity, the beneficiary receives a designated payment.
  • Tax-deferred growth.
    This income is tax-free until the money is withdrawn.



No one knows how long they are going to live or how much money they need because the economy is never predictable. We help you understand the basics of annuities to create a strategy for your retirement that keeps you worry free. Fixed, variable and indexed annuities all have their differences. That’s why we help assess your retirement income plan, use the tools to help implement the plan, and provide guidance for maintenance and management.

It is always advisable to utilize the expertise of a professional when retirement planning. Our team is ready to help!


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