Long Term Care: What Everybody Needs but Nobody Wants

None of us are rushing to think about—long-term care strategies. It’s a bit like doing laundry; no one really wants to do it, but we all appreciate having clean clothes! So, why should we consider long-term care planning, and why do we often avoid these thoughts?

Why We Need Long-Term Care Strategies:

Peace of Mind: A long-term care strategy ensures that you’ll receive the care you need, in the way you prefer, without unnecessary stress or last-minute scrambling. If you’ve been through this with a loved one you know how tough this is!

Financial Security: Long-term care isn’t cheap, and the costs are rising. Planning ahead can protect your savings and assets from vanishing like socks in a dryer – or – stocks in a soft market.

Family Dynamics: With a plan you relieve your loved ones of making tough decisions under pressure. It’s a thoughtful way to prevent family squabbles over who thought Mom or Dad would prefer what kind of care. Don’t make this a guessing (or fighting) game for your family!

Why We Shy Away from Thinking About It:

Hope is not a Plan? We think (hope) we’ll never need long-term care, much like how we feel about winning the lottery—we like to imagine the best rather than plan for the rest. How’s the lottery plan working out for you?

Complexity Overload: With so many options, rules, and considerations, planning can feel like assembling a piece of furniture with instructions written in another language. At The Insurance Hub we’ll navigate the rough waters for you.

Emotional Weight: Thinking about aging and dependency can be as appealing as a trip to the dentist. It’s uncomfortable imagining ourselves in a vulnerable state. But you still go to the dentist.

It’s crucial to acknowledge this statistic: there’s a 70%* chance that an individual turning 65 today will require some type of long-term care as they age. This brings us to an essential point—without a plan, it is likely you will face serious consequences.

Take Action: Ignoring long-term care planning is like ignoring a leaky roof. Sooner or later, it’s going to cause more trouble than we bargained for. By setting a plan now, you can ensure that your personal and financial needs are met with dignity, and your family can support you without guesswork or conflict.

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*P.S. couple, the statistics are even more shocking: there’s a 91% chance that at least one of you will need long-term care in your lifetime.

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